Money Queens - financial advice for teenagers

For schools.

Money presentations for teenage girls by Money Queens



Inspire, engage and educate the girls under your care to become Money Queens by hosting me at your school or community group.


In my presentation I tell the story of my own personal money journey, unpack issues around money and gender, reveal my top 10 money management tips, and finish with an interactive Q&A session.


Presentations run for 30 minutes, are suitable for an entire year level, and can be delivered either in person or online. Each presentation is tailored depending on the age of the girls.


I can also design a bespoke presentation to match your wellbeing, educational or curriculum needs.

Money workshops by Money Queens - school presentations about being smart with your money



To delve deeper into developing financial literacy, my interactive workshops are a great follow-on after a presentation or suitable on a stand-alone basis.


These bespoke, age-appropriate workshops teach girls not only how to look after their money, but also why they should care about it and are tailored to match your specific needs or educational outcomes.

Workshops include resources to complete and keep as well as a discount code if attendees would like to further their learning and buy my book.

Money workshops run for approximately one period and are suitable for a class of up to 30.

As high school students embark on their lives after school, it's so important to prepare them for the realities of life - and money is a big part of this. Michelle explained complicated financial issues, such as debt, budgeting, superannuation clearly, with realistic examples (and humour!).

Her presentation also covered the gender disadvantages women may face when it comes to money, making it an excellent fit for our 17-year-old girls and empowering them with the knowledge to take control of their financial future. It inspired me too! 


- Philippa Zingales

Director of Alumni Relations, PLC SYDNEY