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Hi, I'm michelle.

As a mum to two teenage girls I’m passionate about making things better for the next generations of women. 


And I believe the solution to overcoming the money challenges we face is to start learning about money – and putting good money habits in place – as soon as you start earning it, in your very first teenage job.

I’ve written countless articles about the hurdles women face when it comes to money, but still speak to far too many grown women who don’t feel confident about managing their money. 

This is my money story.

When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of money. But I knew that money mattered. It’s a lesson I learned as I watched my mum carefully balance our family budget – on paper – every week.


Still, I didn’t know much about money, so I fell into every money trap there was. As a teenager I spent every cent I earned from my part-time jobs – saving and budgeting never crossed my mind.

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My money queen journey began when I started working as a business journalist. I interviewed a lot of successful people and found that they had two things in common: they worked hard and they were careful with their money - in some cases they were even stingy!

I applied these learnings to my own life and got better at day-to-day money management.

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But as I 'grew up' I had no idea about the many disadvantages women face when it comes to money, and I still made some major mistakes. Since then I've been on a mission to make up for lost time, big time. I got back into the workforce, rebuilt my career and now run my own business.


And I'm in a race against time to catch up on my super.

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At the beginning of 2021 I was inspired by young, courageous Australia women such as Grace Tame, Chanel Contos and Brittany Higgins, and the movement of anger about women's rights that swept across Australia.


I looked for a way to combine my skills and experience to help the next generation of women achieve equality, and Money Queens was born!


Get the skinny on my book which is available now, or check out the free stuff page for tools, tips and tricks you can use to rule your money.

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